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The study units on the site are not designed to provide stand-alone learning packages or to replace tutors but aim to supplement learning and to provide guidance and a source of information. 

The list of units available can be seen below, you can then select the unit you wish to open.

Below is the list of all study units that are currently available from Constructionsite. 

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The relevance of the unit to an area of study is indicated by the code; these are shown in the table below.


 Subject Area


 Construction Technology & Services


 Health, Safety & the Environment


 Contracts & Commercial Practice


 Management, Economics & Finance


 Personal & Professional Skills


 Other Areas


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Angular Measurement & Building Surveys  OA
Assessing Training  P&PS
Avoiding Conflict  ME&F

Basic Principles of Surveying   OA
Briefs   P&PS
Building up an Estimate  ME&F

*Carrying out Investigative Work and Collecting Evidence  P&PS 
*Chilled Water Distribution Systems   CT&S
Computer Aided Drawing Software   P&PS
Concepts Relating to Building Engineering  CT&S
Conforming to Health & Safety Legislation  HS&E
Construction Process   ME&F
Contractors Influence  ME&F
Cost Control Requirements  ME&F
Cost Planning and Control Techniques  ME&F

Design & Construction Process   ME&F
Design of Utilities in Commercial and Industrial Buildings  CT&S
Design of Water Systems   CT&S
*Design Parameters  CT&S
*Determining Cooling Requirements   CT&S
Determining Heating Needs   CT&S
Determining Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning   CT&S
Developing Design Strategies   CT&S

Economic Constraints   ME&F
Economic Principles ME&F
Electrical Theory and Networks   CT&S
Energy use in Buildings  CT&S
English Legal System  Law
Evaluating Design Solutions   CT&S

Financial Appraisal, Procurement and Payments  ME&F 
Fire & Smoke Dynamics   CT&S
*Fire Detection and Alarm Installations   CT&S
*Fire Fighting Installations   CT&S

Health & Safety Legislation   HS&E
Health & Safety Policy & Systems   HS&E
*Heat and Vapour Transfer  CT&S
*Heat Exchangers  CT&S

Identifying Resources   ME&F
Introduction to the Construction Industry   ME&F

Law of Contract & Tort   Law
Legal Influences      Law
Legal Requirements   Law
*Legislation & Standards (Fire Detection & Security Systems)  Law
*Lighting & Sound   CT&S
Linear Surveys and Levelling   OA

Management & Procurement within the Sector   ME&F
Management and Organisation of Works  ME&F
Monitoring of Health & Safety in the Workplace  HS&E

NEC 3 Family of Contracts  Law  
NEC 3 Engineering and Construction Contract   Law  

Open Book Cost Management  ME&F  
Optimum Solutions for Building Services Problems  CT&S

Post Contract Completion  ME&F
Post Contract Evaluations  ME&F
Personal Development   P&PS
*Phases of a Building Service Project   ME&F
Planning & Control   ME&F
Planning & Programming   ME&F
*Plastics and Timber   CT&S
Pre-tender Information Requirements   ME&F
Preparing for Construction  CT&S
Processes of Management  ME&F
Principles of Economics  ME&F
Procurement & Profitability   ME&F
Procurement and Contractual Implications   ME&F
Post Project Completion    ME&F  
Production of Estimates   ME&F
Project/Site Appraisal, Design and Planning  ME&F  
Project Management Objectives, Concepts and Practice   ME&F

*Requirements & Proposals for Systems Installations  CT&S
Research  P&PS
Responsibilities of the Parties to a Contract  Law
*Responsibilities and Working Relationships   ME&F

Sanitary Accommodation    CT&S
*Sub-structure and Plant   CT&S
Superstructure   CT&S
*Selection of Procurement and Contractual Arrangements   ME&F
*Security Detection, Monitoring & Alarm Installations   CT&S
Setting out Procedures   OA
Services   CT&S
Showing Development   P&PS
*Statutory Requirements (Fire Engineering)   CT&S
*Statutory Approvals  Law  
*Steel and Concrete   CT&S
Supply Chain Management, Organisations & Arrangements  ME&F
*Sustainability, Sound and Light   CT&S
Sustainability   HS&E
Sustainable Development  HS&E
Sustainable Legislation   HS&E
Sustainable Technology in Refurbishment   HS&E

Team Functioning   P&PS
*Thermal Comfort and the Transfer of Heat   CT&S
*Thermal Studies  CT&S
*Thermodynamic Cycles  CT&S
Training & Development Opportunities   P&PS

Using Information Technology  P&PS
Utility Industries   CT&S

*Water Treatment Systems  CT&S
Ways to Communicate   P&PS

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